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e-Sellect specialists have been invited to join us for a special offer available only to NESEER patrons and querrants. Online-via Skype.

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ill titleMalana

Each of the books Malana has writtern serve humanity in some way but none more so than a little book called "The Shift". Our perspectives and values are challenged and bombarded so often that the finer subtleties of our cellular growth are long past overlooked by the time we realize that illness is present.

Becoming aware of the subtle inner shifts in our perception and reality we become changed. Awareness is key to having personal power and control over the changes we want to see happen in our lives. These changes often take time, commitment, and perseverance. Once one becomes aware of the amazing power of thier personal desires they are propelled toward manifestion automatically.



ill titleYour Blessed Reality

Malana is offering a brief Oracle of Naturopathy Consultation to New England SEERs patrons. Our on line listners, and event visitors are all welcome to participate in this potentially life changing connection to truth. True cellular healing takes a lifetime of commitment to your wellness. The real change her students and followers experience is dealt with in hours long sessions. For a brief glimpse beyond the veil of your cellular health and wellness, Malana Ashlie is offering a limmited 15 minute sessions for only $25.oo.

Hear her interview and know what she is about

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Remember, once you have viewed it, you have changed it. View your situation from a new perspective and watch it change into your blessed reality! This Special offer from Malana is only available remotely via SKYPE. She is travelling the world for many retreats and special presentations you may wish to join her at. visit her website for details, or to book a mini-session with this special New England SEERs only offer.