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ill titleLucy

Lucy is a true artist, leader, and modern luminary. There is no telling what the universe will bring forward. There are times other worlds make communications, and times that information comes to the surface to be dealt with. There is no limit to the possibilities when she peeks beyond the veil for you. There is no telling what magic awaits you!

The Human condition. Things happen that you cannot control. It is ego which causes us to want to blame and control things, people, and ill_1situations outside of the individual self and this false belief crosses the grain of our human psyche for that reason. What you believe what you think about and ponder is what you will manifest. You can choose what to manifest in the here and now by letting go of the past.

ill titleConsultations

Reiki Master Teacher and Director of the Intuitive Life Network Org Lou C Diamond [aka Master Lucy] is a well-known community personality. Her title: 'The Reiki Project: Peace is Possible', is a culmination of spiritual and practical applications of Masters in Usui, Dolphin, Kundalini, Templar, and Elemental Reiki. She is an initiate in the Tantric and Gnostic arts and highly practiced and achieved in ancient Egyptian Rites through decades of practice in activism, altruism and yoga. ill_2
Easy to understand and apply, the simple personal exploration principles contained in these pages has led to some amazing and life changing transformation for its readers. It is a short read that readers claim to absorb more from every time they read it. People of all ages and walk of life can and have benefited from it. Those who have read it, discovering value within the individual, have referred it to a friend time and again. 
Telephone interviews, media appearances, and excerpts of the book to your specifications can be arranged

Find Lucy on Skype by searching: miss.lucy.diamond Text her to arrange for an appointment time. Pay $25.00 here