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ill titleAvril Price

I see Tarot as a window through which we can discover ourselves. As the great Sufi master Ibn Arabi has said'to know ourselves is to know God'. Tarot provides an organic healing system that gives us insights into how to create balance & harmony in our lives and how to work with patterns, cycles and influences that operate on many levels.I think that in these modern times Tarot is probably the most relaible and far reaching of all systems as it so versatile and can cover many areas including the corporate over view and the psycho/spiritual perspective.

ill_1I am not a fortune teller. I hope that my consultations and teaching practice encourage the querent to gain confidence in all that they do, thereby empowering and enabling themselves to make quality life choices.My consultations are organic, they are what they are, the information and contact is appropriate for the client at the time. I use all my skills and disciplines that I have gleaned over a long period of time, these would include, Aura reading, Psychometry and Spirit communication, yet it is Tarot that lies at the very heart of the session.

ill titleConsultations

Your life is your responsibility.......a good Psychic will not tell you what to do. Life can be perplexing at times with all the different choices to make & avenues to explore, but the only one who can make those choices is you. Your Consultant will discuss the influences & trends that are operating in your life, the rest is up to you. Your Consultant may wish to discuss the predict or not to predict, always an ongoing debate. As it stands, the past & present exisill_2t, so why not the future? An entropy. To a large degree the future is already in the physical due to life choices already made. However, in the present, the future is not fixed & a simple shift of perception or action can change it. If you want to know the future remember it is not cast in stone. Look carefully at the influences presented before you & choose wisely.

Tune in to U.K. Connection Mondays at 10 PM GMT [5pm EDT USA] for Avril's kitchen sink spirituality, Everything you need to know about modern spirituality. Often having call ins for FREE Readings from todays most saught after spiritualist guides.!radio/c1153