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Some SEERs have taken a $25 pledge
Though many charge much more, or resquire a minimum of an hour consultation at thier private websites, for a $25 commitment you can have your perspective shifted to health, wellness, happiness, and even spiritual bliss!

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Free Readings:

Free readings or spiritual guidance for anyone from anywhere is available on Mondays at Gemjin. For those in Crisis we ask you to take the 7 day challenge and seek step 1 medical attention if you need professional help.

For a shift in perspective, or a word of uplifting encouragement to get you through, please tune in and by all means, please participate!


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“Spot on! Witty, charming and thoroughly entertaining!.” ... “It is comforting to hear that Jamal is resting in peace.”


ill titleAround New England

New England SEERs™ have appeared at fundraisers in venues and fairs through out New England for decades. Recently expanding to a broad global audience through the guild membership at IntuitiveLifeNetwork© The SEERs™ guild has expanded to include

ill_1Party hosts and gathering facilitators utilize our services for a SEERs Party to bring life affirming entertainment to thier special events.

A wonderful mix of Rune Readers, Stone Readers, Tarot Readers and Energy Reading Mediums and Psychics to choose from, create a retreat atmpsphere of spiritual awareness and communal connectedness that is not soon forgotten by attendees. Make your next large gathering one to remember!

For available times, locations and bookings send an email to contact @ newenglandseers dot com


ill titleGlobal Reach

Gatherings of friends and family often happen online these days. New Engalnd SEERS International associacation of psychics guild has several wonderful and charming psychic services for both both individuals and online parties.

With up to 7 people in your party you can have a full fledged spychic professor from the colledge of psychic studies join your conversation and add to the bonding of your virtual group.

Mediums and Tarot Readers single stream to up to seven people helping your group to connect, bond, and enlighten one another with revealing perspectives evoking the healing salve of loving and open understanding with the universe.

Send us an email to make virtual party arrangements. Include your time zone and currency so we can assist you with choices.